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David Young

A former New Zealand journalist who lives in Washington, DC


New options to avert North American opioid crisis

1 Jul 2019

David Young investigates the opioid crisis in North America. Are new approaches and more resources needed? What form should they take?


Big Cannabis is rising high

1 Nov 2018

With medicinal cannabis legal in the majority of states and more and more legalising recreational use, opportunities now abound for a wide variety of new entrepreneurs and established big business.


USA drug policy in the early days of Trump

1 Mar 2017

Just a few months into the new Trump-led America, there’s no clear indication yet as to where his administration will stand on drug law reform.


Speaking of drugs, eradication and development

1 Feb 2016

Eradication attacks on Colombian drug crops have been hailed by many (including the White House) as a success. David Young looks at the local cost.


Q&A: A UK Liberal Democrat talks drug policy

1 Feb 2015

Just after his resignation as Minister of State for the Home Office responsible for the drugs portfolio in November 2014, British MP Norman Baker talked to David Young about drug policy in the UK and the widespread mood for reform.


The politics of price

1 May 2013

Alcohol-related harm in the UK was at the forefront of Prime Minister Cameron’s sights when he came into office, but now the situation is a bit more murky. David Young and Shannon Hanrahan investigate the politics of minimum price.


War and Drugs

1 Nov 2010

Today, more than ever, armies around the world are dealing with serious substance abuse problems and the mental health issues that result. New Zealand is no exception.


Let's talk about pot: Black Market forces

1 May 2008

At $1 billion, New Zealand's cannabis black market would equate to one quarter the size of New Zealand's entire legal horticulture industry. David Young explores whether the economics are that simple