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How we respond to a student’s substance use has more of an impact on their education than the use itself. The earlier we provide support and re-engage students in learning and extracurricular activities, the better their chances of success at school.

We know that these things make a difference:

  • Having a positive school environment, where students feel like they belong and that their wellbeing is important.
  • Having a lot of opportunities to engage in activities outside of class throughout the year
  • Having opportunities to develop skills in critical thinking, especially about what the social norms in their community are
  • Identifying students with slipping attendance or achievement, and getting them support as early as possible

Tūturu exists to help schools and health services better support all students to learn and be well.

Tūturu uses the expertise of the education and health sectors to explore complex issues. We started with a focus on alcohol and other drugs to help schools move towards approaches that prepare all students for modern life, shifting away from approaches that end up avoiding or reacting to issues.

Four coloured squares, red, blue, green and purple. Each one has an unfolded advice card

We work with young people across the motu to listen to what matters to them, and how we can craft messages and resources that work for them.

These include pocket-sized advice cards on staying safer with different drugs, posters and more. Head to our resources page to order.

Our brief advice cards, developed in conjunction with Whāraurau, are designed to complement The Substances and Choices Scale ABC approach. It's is a simple and effective way for doctors and other practitioners to screen youth for problematic alcohol and other drug use and then provide brief, personally-relevant advice or interventions. Find out more on the Whāraurau website.

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