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Alcohol and other drugs can have a big impact at work, and at events and venues.

Employers have a responsibility to keep their staff safe from the risks that impairment brings. Likewise event organisers, venue owners and managers need to be responsible hosts. Employees, event-goers and punters need accurate info and services to help them stay safer at work and at play.

People from all walks of life take drugs, including alcohol. We believe that health-based approaches reduce shame and stigma associated with drug use, and evidence shows these can lead to reduced risk in workplaces and at events.

Explore our info and resources for employers, event organisers, venue owners and more below.

For employers

Info for employers on handling drug and alcohol policies and impairment at work.

Bars and hospo

Learn about drug laws and reducing substance related problems at your event or venue.


If you're an event organiser, there are many different things you can do to prevent drug harm at your event.

Articles about workplaces and venues