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Drugs can cause social, health and economic harms, and the ongoing cost to individuals, whānau and communities is high.

But our drug laws aren't helping - in fact, they often cause and compound harm.

Around the world, countries are starting to turn away from the failed 'war on drugs' to a compassionate approach, where people are supported instead of punished.

The Drug Foundation Te Puna Whakaiti Pāmamae Kai Whakapiri has been at the forefront of major drug policy debates for over 30 years. During that time, we have relentlessly advocated for evidence-based policies and practices that will reduce drug harm and build a healthy society.

We work closely with government agencies and the wider health sector to develop and promote best-practice solutions.

Drug law

Find out more about New Zealand drug laws.

Drugs in Aotearoa - an overview

Key facts and figures about drug use in New Zealand.

Submissions and reports

Find reports and drug policy submissions by the New Zealand Drug Foundation .

Harm reduction practice values

Values to inform harm reduction sector practice in Aotearoa

Articles about policy and advocacy