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Russell Brown

Auckland journalist and media commentator. He is the owner of the Public Address community of blogs,


Growing alternatives

1 Feb 2014

The UN has been encouraging development of alternative crops in poorer drug-producing countries for over a decade. Results have been mixed.


The world watches

1 Nov 2013

Colorado, Washington and Uruguay have decided to go ahead with allowing the recreational use and sale of cannabis, and the world is watching.


Turning tide on compulsory treatment

1 Aug 2013

Slave labour. Torture. Forced medical research. It reads like some bleak, distant history – but it’s the contemporary reality for government drug treatment in East and Southeast Asia.


Catching up with reality

1 May 2013

The new DSM-V will launch next month. Will it spell a radical shift for the way our clinicians deal with addiction? Russell Brown looks at the New Zealand situation.


The Drug War in retreat?

1 Feb 2013

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end for the global War on Drugs? Attacks on drug war ideology are coming from all quarters, argues Russell Brown, to the point where the United Nations has been forced to act. But how much regard the U


Bizarre behaviour

1 Nov 2012

Bath salts. Police and media keep blaming them for bizarre behaviour. But, as Russell Brown writes, perhaps they need also to have a look at their own bizarre actions.


Opinion: The frustrating politics of drug reform

1 May 2012

Home and abroad, even politicians favouring reform eventually reach an end to what they’re willing to say about the war on drugs. Russell Brown suggests public opinion may in fact be moving on.