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A.K.A: Booze, Liquor, Drink, Sauce

Alcohol is the most common drug used in New Zealand. It is a depressant which means it slows down your brain and body functions. Drinking alcohol can make you feel relaxed, confident, and sociable. It can also reduce your ability to concentrate, slow your coordination and reflexes and impair your judgement. Alcohol can affect people differently depending on their weight, metabolism, how much they have eaten beforehand, and their individual body.

If someone is experiencing addiction to alcohol, stopping suddenly can be dangerous if it is not managed with the help of a medical professional.  

How to be safer when using alcohol

  • Mixing alcohol with other drugs can cause unpleasant and unpredictable effects.
  • Count your standard drinks and know your limits.
  • Eat before you drink alcohol.
  • Have a plan to keep yourself safe while drinking (e.g. bringing condoms, organising your ride home).
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