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A.K.A: K, Special K, Ket, Jet

Ketamine is a dissociative anaesthetic that is used by doctors and vets. Ketamine slows down your brain and body functions and can also cause perceptual changes. It can make you feel relaxed, euphoric and give you an ‘out of body’ experience, known as ‘dissociating’. Ketamine can also make you feel groggy, confused, and numb.

Taking too much ketamine can make you unable to move your body or speak, this is called a ‘K-hole’. Ketamine rarely causes overdoses by itself, but can be dangerous when mixed with depressant drugs, including alcohol.  

How to be safer when using ketamine

  • Taking a large amount can put someone into a ‘k-hole’ where they can’t move or speak.
  • If snorting, use clean straws and surfaces and rinse out your nose with a saline rinse.
  • If injecting, visit your local needle exchange for new needles and info on safer injecting.
  • Use drug checking services to make sure it isn’t mixed with something else.
  • Avoid mixing with other drugs, especially other depressants.
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