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2017 Symposium News Coverage

13 Jul 2017
This article was published 7 years ago. Content may no longer be relevant.

Question time at the Through the maze: Health drug law parliamentary symposium, July 2017 - A crowd of over 200 people gathered at Parliament to talk about how we get healthier drug laws in New Zealand.

Collected here is news coverage from the Through the Maze: Healthy Drug Law parliamentary symposium, held in Wellington 5-6 July 2017.


How to legalise cannabis: Lessons from Canada, where they’re about to do it, Simon Day on The Spinoff

Kyle MacDonald: Why criminalising drug use doesn't work, NZ Herald

New Zealand Politicians Talk Drug Law Reform as Election Approaches, Talking Drugs

Drug Symposium day two: Māori women in the room, Russell Brown on publicaddress.net

Drug law reform: Let Māori speak of Māori by Emma Espiner, on newsroom

One big day at the drug symposium, Russell Brown on publicaddresds.net 

How to deal with drugs, Sunday Morning on Radio NZ

Drug harm must stop – harm to kids, harm from abuse, harm from unnecessary criminal convictions by Alison Mau, Sunday Star Times

Interview: Alison Holcomb, The Nation

English: Drugs are illegal and should stay that way, NewstalkZB

Potted history of Washington State points to legalisation positives, NBR podcast



Who’s going to fix our drug laws?, Simon Day on The Spinoff

Employers abusing right to drug-test workers: Associate Health Minister, NZ Herald

Calls for Government to implement public health initiatives for drug users, OneNEWS on TVNZ

Drug use, petty crime decreased in Portugal since decriminalising drugs, NewsTalkZB

Symposium looks at healthy drug law, Te Kāea on Māori TV (starts 12:15 minutes)

Panel of MPs backs medicinal cannabis, NewsTalkZB

Māori to get equity in new drug law proposal, Te Karere on TVNZ

Why Māori need to be included in the drug law debate, The Wireless 

Paving the way ahead for safer drug use at Festivals, 95bFM

'Dramatic' increase in Kiwis abusing prescription meds, Otago Daily Times

Our politicians won’t do it, so the Drug Foundation did: A model drug law for New Zealand, Ross Bell on The Spinoff

Drug Foundation calls for decriminalisation of all drugs, regulated cannabis market, stuff.co.nz 

NZ Drug foundation wants penalties for drug use removed, Newshub

'The current policy doesn't work' - law lecturer says drug laws in desperate need of review, OneNews

Prohibiting drugs doesn't work, says Canadian politician, Newshub

'A lot of people in our country decided what we were doing with cannabis was a failure', Breakfast TVNZ



Canada on course to legalise recreational cannabis use, Nine to Noon on Radio NZ

Alison Mau caught up in an ugly bar brawl: 'It's time to address NZ's alcohol carnage', Sunday Star Times

Too high for prison, Māori Television 

The War on Drugs is ending all over the world. Global experts arrive tomorrow to tell our politicians, The Spinoff

'Let's be prepared to drag our old drug laws into the 21st century' - NZ Drug Foundation urging Parliament to update laws, TVNZ

Stories of hardship and frustration inspire big-name drug summit, stuff.co.nz 



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