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Updated: NZ Drug Foundation website

12 Apr 2017
This article was published 7 years ago. Content may no longer be relevant.

If you pay a visit to the NZ Drug Foundation website today, you’ll be in for a big surprise. Our main website has had a major makeover. These changes run far deeper than just adding a new orange coat of paint.

The website has been significantly upgraded to better respond to the needs of the diverse people who regularly visit. A thorough review of the drug information pages, which are the most visited part of the website, has led to re-focusing information for different visitors.

When it comes to people who choose to use drugs, the information has been refocused to on how to stay safer. Advice for parents and other loved ones on the role they can take to minimise drug harm is an entirely new feature. The information for people working with young people and concerned about workplaces drug testing has been expanded.

You will also see we’re making a big effort to encourage people to read more Matters of Substance magazine articles. We have made it easier and more attractive to read, and to share the stories.

Making sure the website can be accessed from mobile phones was a major reason we upgraded the technology. To enable this the website uses the modern SilverStripe platform.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

As with any new website it is possible that one or two things do not work as intended. Some visitors may be having trouble finding information or pages you regularly visited in the past. You can help us identify any bugs or gaps, and give us general feedback.

Over the coming months and years, we will continue to put effort into refining and expanding the information we publish, and add new features.

Please tell us what you found using this survey form

A big thank you to….

Refreshing the website has been a huge project. This has involved the entire Drug Foundation team as well as a crew of willing collaborators.

Can we extend our appreciation to:

  • Insight Creative – for strategy, design and technology smarts
  • Rob Zorn – content development
  • Maria McMillan – information architect
  • Daphne Dashfield – content migration
  • Anonymous user testers.

We’re encouraging everyone to spend some time looking around the new material we’ve got to share. Bookmark the website and come back often as we’re going to keep adding content.

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