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Articles with category: News


A new approach to reporting on drug data

4 Apr 2024

We've launched a new tool to help you find the latest drug data and changed how we report throughout the year.


New course aims to help event staff assist intoxicated patrons

25 Mar 2024

Hato Hone St John has launched a new course to help employees and first aiders learn how to assist intoxicated patrons confidently.


New study shows therapeutic cannabis' benefits and barriers

21 Sep 2023

95% of respondents reported positive effects, in a study that looked at both prescription and black market cannabis use.


Watch talks from our 2023 Parliamentary Symposium

29 Aug 2023

Watch fascinating talks and panel discussions from our 2023 Parliamentary Symposium.


Drug harm ranking study reveals alcohol, methamphetamine are most harmful in NZ

11 Jul 2023

A new University of Otago drug harm ranking study has identified alcohol as the most harmful drug in New Zealand

Māori woman and man pulling black cloth of easel with sign which says "Te Puna Whakaiti Pāmamae Kai Whapakiri - New Zealand Drug Foundation"

‘Changing the kōrero’ - introducing our new ingoa Māori

6 Jul 2023

Sharing our new ingoa Māori and destigmatising drug kupu


The Tairāwhiti hapū exploring indigenous psilocybin to treat methamphetamine addiction

24 May 2023

A hāpori (community) from Rangiwaho marae in Tairāwhiti Gisborne is embarking on a ground-breaking study that will explore using the indigenous Psilocybe weraroa fungus as a potential treatment for members of their community dealing with me


Report: What we found at drug checking in 2022

21 Apr 2023

Our findings from our first full year as a licensed drug checking provider.


What are we seeing at drug checking clinics?

22 Dec 2022

Ahead of summer, here's a look at what's showing up at drug checking clinics across Aotearoa.


Report: Fatal overdoses in Aotearoa 2017-2021

5 Nov 2022

New data shows fatal overdoses have increased by 54% in the last five years


Sign our petition to decriminalise cannabis and pardon cannabis offences

11 Oct 2022

A link to our petition urging the Govt to decriminalise cannabis and pardon cannabis offenses


Harm reduction tips for medicinal cannabis users

8 Jul 2022

Too many kiwis are still buying medicinal cannabis on the black market. We asked two leading experts for some harm reduction tips to keep them safer.