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You think it’s MDMA – but is it?

19 Mar 2018
This article was published 6 years ago. Content may no longer be relevant.

There’s a synthetic drug going around that people think is MDMA – but it’s not. It’s something far more dangerous - N-ethylpentylone.

Never heard of N-ethylpentylone? You’re not alone. And that’s a big problem, because it recently landed 13 people in Christchurch Hospital Emergency Department in one night.

If you are planning to take something you think Is MDMA, there are some things you can do to stay safer. There’s no way to predict when this could happen again – and next time it might be you at A&E.

We’ve created this video to help keep you safer. And you should read the harm reduction advice below.

N-ethylpentylone is highly toxic and active at a much lower amount than MDMA.

  • Use a reagent test (if it is ONLY n-ethylpentylone or another cathinonethe Marquis and Mandelin reagents will turn an orange-brown)
  • Measure your dose (20mg – 40mg is a full dose for n-ethylpentylone, 80mg – 100mg for MDMA)
  • Start small and go slow to check for the effects and potency
  • Avoid mixing with other substances - especially alcohol
  • Call 111 if someone has a racing heart, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, is having seizures or foaming at the mouth
  • Have a sober recovery and plan for a comedown that can last up to a day and a half





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