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A.K.A: Coke, Blow, Snow, Crack

Cocaine is a drug that is produced from the coca leaf. It is a stimulant, meaning it speeds up your brain and body functions. Cocaine usually comes as a white powder but can also be made into a crystal freebase form, sometimes called ‘crack’.

Cocaine can make you feel energetic, alert, and euphoric. It can also make you feel anxious, sweaty and increase your heart rate. The effects of cocaine are short-lasting and as they wear off, people can have strong cravings to use more.  

How to be safer when using cocaine

  • Avoid using a lot of cocaine in one go as it increases the chance of overdose and makes the comedown worse.
  • Take less if it’s your first time.
  • If snorting, use clean straws and surfaces and rinse out your nose with a saline rinse.
  • Use drug checking services to make sure it isn’t a different drug. If you can’t get to drug checking services, use a reagent test.
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