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Synthetic cannabinoids

A.K.A: Spice, K2, Synnies, Kush, Kronic

Synthetic cannabinoids are a group of chemical drugs that are sprayed onto plant material and then smoked. Though these drugs work on cannabinoid receptors in the brain but they are much stronger than THC and have far more unpredictable and dangerous effects.

Synthetic Cannabinoids can make you feel very ‘out of it’ and pleasantly sleepy. They can also make you feel dizzy, nauseous, paranoid and cause you to loose consciousness. How potent the effects are can depend on which synthetic cannabinoid you have, and how it has been sprayed on the plant material.

Due to how unpredictable they are, synthetic cannabinoids are very difficult to dose, which increases the risk of overdose.  

How to be safer when using

  • Different parts of the same bag could have different strengths, putting you at risk of an overdose.
  • Use a smaller amount and wait to see the effects, this can reduce your chances of overdosing.
  • Try to have a sober person that can help you if something goes wrong.
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