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Every event is different.

You can work through the below steps with your team to build your own unique plan. Our resources can be used as stand-alones or integrated into other plans.

Before you get started, unsure of how comprehensive your drug management plan needs to be? 

Download the following tool created by Reliance Risk (with input from our working group) and answer eight simple questions to see what actions are suggested for your event.

Download the tool (XLSX, 160 KB)

Five steps for developing your event's drug management plan:

  1. Your overall aim
    What are you trying to achieve with this plan?
  2. The context
    What makes it easier or harder for you to prevent problems from drugs at your event?
  3. Your processes
    What will you do to prevent problems from drugs at your event?
  4. Communications
    How will you let people know what they can do to prevent problems from drugs at your event?

  5. Data and the development cycle
    What would you do the same or different at the next event?


Download these questions as a word document to fill in with your team:

Download the questions (DOCX, 26 KB)

Health New Zealand - Te Whatu Ora

These resources have been created for event organisers, by event organisers. They were commissioned by Health Promotion, Health New Zealand -Te Whatu Ora, and the NZ Drug Foundation helped the working group share their expertise. Much thanks and appreciation to those who've contributed.

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