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Cannabis referendum: the case for a ‘YES’ vote - Live Chat recording

24 Jun 2020
This article was published 4 years ago. Content may no longer be relevant.
Jul 8, 2020

Cannabis referendum: the case for a ‘YES’ vote - Live Chat recording

Location: Zoom
Organiser: Helen Clark Foundation, NZ Drug Foundation

Cannabis referendum: the case for a ‘YES’ vote - Live Chat [recording]

#5 in our Live Chat series: Cannabis use is a reality in New Zealand. Despite almost 55 years of prohibition, it is New Zealand’s most widely used illicit drug.  Evidence shows that up to 80% of New Zealanders will use cannabis at least once before they turn 21.

This September, New Zealanders will have the chance to make a historic decision – do we accept that the status quo has failed, and try something new? The Bill we’ll all be voting on at the referendum aims to put regulations in place to minimise the social and health harms of cannabis, and place much-needed controls around the existing illicit market.

Our amazing line up of panelists answered questions about legalisation in this Q&A co-hosted by the NZ Drug Foundation and the Helen Clark Foundation. The speakers covered the health impacts, the social justice and criminal justice impacts of legalisation. They gave an overview of what’s proposed in Aotearoa and put that in context of what’s happening internationally.

Join us for an intelligent discussion on why cannabis reform is the logical next step for our country.

Our panellists:

  • Rt Hon Helen Clark: Patron of the Helen Clark Foundation, and Commissioner at the Global Commission on Drug Policy.
  • Steve Rolles: Senior Policy Analyst, Transform Drug Policy Foundation, United Kingdom
  • Dr Hinemoa Elder: Child and adolescent psychiatrist and the Māori strategic leader for Brain Research NZ

Co-chaired by Ross Bell, Executive Director of the Drug Foundation and Katherine Errington, Executive Director of the Helen Clark Foundation.





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