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Drug Foundation board vacancies: apply now

17 Apr 2019
This article was published 5 years ago. Content may no longer be relevant.

The Drug Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and we’ve cracked into 2019 with a new and ambitious strategic plan.

The next four years are critical for drug policy in New Zealand and for the work of the Drug Foundation: A recent Mental Health and Addictions Inquiry calls for transformational change in this sector; the government’s “Wellbeing budget” promises great things; reform to the 40-year-old Misuse of Drugs Act could mean the country genuinely will begin to “treat drugs as a health issue”; and the public will vote at next year’s election on cannabis legalisation.

Decisions that are being made today will impact individuals, families and communities for years to come.  It’s important the best decisions are made, and that the Drug Foundation has a role in that decision making.  We need an effective, strong and robust Board of Trustees to oversee that important work.

We are currently looking for new Trustees to join our voluntary board.  We hope to attract a selection of potential candidates who can complement our existing Trustees.  We are looking for people who can fill a current vacancy, as well as positions likely to become vacant over the next 24 months.

We want people who have governance experience and who are passionate about the important role of non-government organisations in advocating for effective policies and services, and obviously a commitment to the vision and mission of the Drug Foundation. 

We’re especially looking for people who can help us think about The Next Big Thing.

Plus we’re needing Trustees who can provide some of the following specific skills:

  • experience in policy and political processes
  • sound financial literacy and business acumen
  • strategic planning and thinking
  • knowledge and experience in implementing system change
  • public health/ alcohol and other drug subject matter expertise.

You can get a sense of where we’re heading by reading our new Statement of Strategic Direction 2018-2022.  

Expressions of interest close Monday 6 May 2019.

To express your interest, please send your CV and a brief cover letter to Ross Bell, Executive Director and Board Secretary, via email. Any queries? Phone 021 499 292.



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