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Media release

Drug Foundation celebrates significant growth of drug checking service

3 Apr 2024

Significant growth in drug checking availability and uptake is helping to prevent harm in more parts of the community.

Media release
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New report shows significant increase in cocaine use

6 Mar 2024

A new report shows a significant increase in cocaine use over the past year, while MDMA and methamphetamine use has decreased slightly.

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Funding vital for overdose reversal nasal spray

15 Feb 2024

Drug harm experts say funding for a nasal spray that reverses opioid overdoses is critical in the face of an increasingly toxic drug supply and the emergence of powerful synthetic opioids.

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Asian alcohol and drug survey shows more use than previously thought

16 Nov 2023

Survey participants also reported that barriers to accessing services, resources and information were high.

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Drug Foundation urges public to check drugs as highly potent opioid spreads

4 Nov 2023

A group of powerful synthetic opioids that were first detected in the country just a year ago may have already been linked to several deaths.

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Party positions on drug overdoses show cross-party progress possible

31 Aug 2023

Willingness from across the political spectrum to explore critical overdose prevention measures shows that cross-party progress can be made.

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Methamphetamine support programme for gay and bi men kicks off next week

11 Aug 2023

A methamphetamine support programme specifically for gay and bisexual men is opening its latest intake in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch this month.

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Drug Foundation calls for urgent action on overdose deaths

23 Jun 2023

In honour of international Support Don’t Punish Day 2023, the NZ Drug Foundation is today releasing an evidence-backed plan to end overdose deaths in Aotearoa.

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Drug Foundation warns some LSD circulating is more dangerous drug

18 Jan 2023

Drug checking services at Rhythm and Vines found potent psychedelic and stimulant, 25B-NBOH, sold as tabs of LSD.

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Increase in overdose deaths must prompt action

5 Nov 2022

The NZ Drug Foundation says a 54% increase in drug overdose deaths between 2017 and 2021 is deeply concerning and must prompt swift action on lifesaving preventative measures.

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NZ Drug Foundation calls for NZ to follow the US in overturning cannabis convictions

7 Oct 2022

The New Zealand Drug Foundation urges the Government to follow US President Joe Biden and overturn cannabis convictions

Media release

New report calls for overhaul to methamphetamine approach

4 Sep 2022

The report, jointly commissioned by the NZ Drug Foundation and the Helen Clark Foundation, proposes a suite of new health-based solutions backed by local and international evidence.