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Beyond the bottle: Paddy, Guyon, and Lotta on life after alcohol

1 Jul 2024

Well-known NZers share what it's like to live without alcohol in a culture that celebrates it at every turn


Reflections from the 2024 UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs

18 Apr 2024

Executive Director Sarah Helm reflects on this year's global drug conference


What can we learn from Australia’s free naloxone scheme?

17 Apr 2024

As harm reduction advocates in Aotearoa push for better naloxone access, we look for lessons across the ditch.


Could regulating MDMA make it safer?

16 Jun 2023

Given MDMA’s popularity, potential therapeutic uses, and low harm profile, is it time we re-examine how we regulate it here? Drug Foundation Senior Communications Advisor Feilidh Dwyer investigates.


A Psychedelic Renaissance? 'Blue Honey' and what's next for psilocybin in Aotearoa

29 May 2023

In Aotearoa, scientists, iwi, as well as hobbyists and amateurs are busy researching what psilocybin’s potential could be. So, what’s next for psilocybin in Aotearoa?


What Australia's surprise MDMA and psilocybin move means

10 Feb 2023

Russell Brown takes a look at how Australia's recent move to allow psilocybin and MDMA for prescription would work in practice, and whether a similar shift could be possible in New Zealand.


What can we learn from Canberra decriminalising drug possession?

11 Nov 2022

Commentator Russell Brown takes a look at the ACT's road to decriminalising drug possession, and asks what New Zealand could learn.


Street value: The Dutch MDMA pop-up shop sparking conversations about drugs

30 Sep 2022

Drug Foundation Communications Advisor Feilidh Dwyer visits a thought-provoking MDMA pop-up shop in Utrecht.


Updating the narrative: findings from a new methamphetamine report

4 Sep 2022

Today, the Drug Foundation and the Helen Clark Foundation released a new paper: Minimising the Harms from Methamphetamine. The Drug Foundation's Executive Director, Sarah Helm, breaks down the findings.


New drug-driving law ignores science, targets poor

8 Apr 2022

Chris Fowlie takes a look at who will be most affected by New Zealand's new drug driving laws, and how.


Drug checking: It feels illegal, but it's not

1 Apr 2022

Some people are still mistrustful about the legal status of drug checking. We asked Leah Rothman to clear up some of the confusion.


Who gets a conviction for drug possession, and who gets help?

25 Mar 2022

Policy & advocacy manager Kali Mercier takes a look at new drug prosecution stats to see who is being impacted - and is it working?