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Media release

Margin narrows on referendum result: A clear mandate for change

6 Nov 2020

The Drug Foundation accepts that the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill is now unlikely to be put forward to Parliament in its current form, but asks the Government to acknowledge that the vote is extremely close.

Media release

No vote not a vote for inaction: decriminalisation urged.

30 Oct 2020

The cannabis referendum result was released today with 46.1% of New Zealanders voting in favour of legalisation, and 53.1% against. However, even those who campaigned for a ‘no’ vote have accepted that cannabis use should be treated as a he

Media release

Sarah Helm appointed as new Drug Foundation Executive Director

18 Oct 2020

The Drug Foundation is thrilled to announce the appointment of Sarah Helm (Kāi Tahu, pākeha) as our new Executive Director.

Media release
Oct 9

Public health experts call for yes vote in referendum

9 Oct 2020

A new editorial published in the NZMJ explores why a yes vote offers a net gain for public health.

Media release
Sep 8

Economic report shows New Zealand will be better off under legal cannabis

8 Sep 2020

Economic reports released by Government show New Zealanders will be better off under legal cannabis.

Media release
Aug 28

Drug Foundation farewells long-standing executive director Ross Bell

28 Aug 2020

Executive Director Ross Bell is leaving the organisation for a role at the Ministry of Health after more than 16 years at the helm.

Media release

A reminder for people who use drugs

13 Aug 2020

Advice for people managing drug use during Covid-19: It's ok to feel worried. You're not going through this alone.

Media release
Jul 1

ASA rules in Drug Foundation’s favour on cannabis referendum campaign

1 Jul 2020

Decision regarding complaints received about our ‘Vote Yes On Our Terms’ cannabis referendum campaign ads welcomed.

Media release
Jun 18

Crowd funding plea to keep cannabis campaign on the air

18 Jun 2020

A PledgeMe crowdfunding campaign launched today, asking supporters to help keep our "Vote Yes On Our Terms" advertisements on the air

Media release
Jun 1

Vote Yes - On Our Terms campaign launch

1 Jun 2020

The New Zealand Drug Foundation has today launched its campaign to inform New Zealanders about the key terms included in the Cannabis Legislation and Control Bill, that voters will be deciding at the cannabis referendum. The campaign is en

Media release

Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill: World-leading public health law

29 Apr 2020

The Government has released the full and final Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill that New Zealanders will be voting for at the referendum on 19 September. It's a YES from us.

Media release
Feb 20

New poll shows votes support cannabis legalisation when they know more

20 Feb 2020

Survey results show that support for cannabis legalisation grows when people know more about the proposed legislation.