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Articles with category: News


What happened in Wairarapa could happen again

4 Jul 2022

Drug Foundation executive director Sarah Helm discusses recent fentanyl overdoses in Wairarapa and how we can avoid fentanyl deaths in future.


Have your say on the future of mental health and addiction services

7 Apr 2022

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission want your feedback on the future of mental health in Aotearoa.


Clearing the haze: New stats give us a better picture of youth vaping

28 Feb 2022

ASH’s new Year 10 Survey provides a solid statistical evidence base of what is happening with smoking and vaping amongst young people


Drug laws and Covid-19: keynote speakers from NZ Drug Foundation's 2021 online AGM

24 Dec 2021

Joined by over 100 members and 120 people, four exceptional guest speakers explored how drug policy has affected Covid responses here and overseas.


Drug Foundation welcomes new staff, farewells others

20 Jul 2021

Newly-appointed staff members, Office Manager Tanya Cook and Communications and Marketing Director Hayden Eastmond-Mein, are being welcomed into the team this month.


Michael Baker: Putting to rest Richard Nixon's failed war on drugs

18 Jun 2021

Newly-appointed board member Prof Michael Baker calls for an end to Nixon's war on drugs, in favour of a scientific and evidence-based approach.

Jun 17

Nixon's war is not our war

17 Jun 2021

[Video] Fifty years ago, Richard Nixon announced his intention to wage an all-out war on drugs - and NZ soon followed. It's time for a better way

Jun 10

Oral testing won't make our roads safer - Sarah Helm

10 Jun 2021

The Drug Foundation supports the intention behind the Drug Driving Amendment Bill. However, it’s based on imperfect science.

May 20

Looking toward 2022 to switch funding a health-based approach to drugs

20 May 2021

2021 Budget: no real news in terms of increased funding for treatment, health approaches or harm reduction. But some good steps tacking underlying health inequalities.

Mar 1

Information - the best way to reduce drug harm

1 Mar 2021

Drug checking just got a big endorsement, with the release of a new VUW study carried out during last summer's festival season.

Feb 15

Some reminders as we move through lockdown levels

15 Feb 2021

With the return to lockdown level 2 or 3 we are sharing some information to help anyone using alcohol or other drugs.


Create a new drugs law for the modern world

4 Jan 2021

Departing chair Tuari Potiki explains why the lack of progress on drug harm in New Zealand is deeply personal to himself and other Māori.