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Fast results for febfast

28 Feb 2013
This article was published 11 years ago. Content may no longer be relevant.

After 28 days of pushing pause on booze, hundreds of New Zealanders are feeling happier and healthier due to febfast, febfast coordinator Jackson Wood said today.

Today is the final day of the febfast challenge, where participants forgo alcohol for the month of February and raise money to support young people with alcohol and other drug problems.

“We have had another successful febfast with many febfasters telling us they feel more energetic, they’ve lost weight, and they’ve saved money,” Mr Wood said.

“By doing febfast, participants have given their body a break from booze and had a chance to reassess their relationship with alcohol.

“A huge thank you to everyone who took part and who helped raise funds. You are awesome.”

Mr Wood said he was pleased with the $35,000 the campaign had raised.

“Individual febfasters have raised more than in previous years and this is a great start to revamping Get the Msg!.

“Donations will still be able to be made until 28 March, so now’s the time to chase up your friends and family,” Mr Wood said.

The funds raised by febfast in 2013 will be used to promote, expand and enhance the Drug Foundation’s youth focused information service Get the Msg! (Get the Message), a free nationwide alcohol and drug information and advice service for young New Zealanders and their families.

“Get the Msg! provides young people with credible and factual health and safety information about drugs in a confidential way, wherever they are at any time of day,” said Mr Wood .

“An expanded youth drug information service means more young people will be getting the information they need in the way they want it, helping them to make better choices.”




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