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Media release
Dec 19

Drug Foundation supports Minister's drug policy process

19 Dec 2006

The Drug Foundation welcomed drug policy minister Jim Anderton’s announcement today to consult with the wider community before changing the legal status of party pills.

Media release
Jul 22

Drug Foundation backs medical cannabis

22 Jul 2006

The New Zealand Drug Foundation today released its policy on medicinal cannabis, supporting the medical use of cannabis under a trial regime.

Media release
May 29

High time for good drug policy

29 May 2006

The New Zealand Drug Foundation today called for all political parties to stop treating drug issues as a publicity platform and instead develop comprehensive alcohol and other drug policies.

Media release
Feb 27

Party pill marketing branded irresponsible

27 Feb 2006

The Drug Foundation today called for a halt to all advertising of party pills, saying that the practice of marketing social drugs may contribute to an increase in drug-related problems in New Zealand.

Media release
Nov 2

Party pill ban would ignore best evidence

2 Nov 2005

The New Zealand Drug Foundation today warned against heeding calls to ban BZP, the active ingredient found in many 'party pills', because such a move would be against the best evidence currently available.

Media release
Oct 3

Muddled thinking behind drug policy criticism

3 Oct 2005

Wellington coroner Garry Evans has ignored best practice and a wealth of international evidence in his criticism of New Zealand’s harm-minimisation approach to drug policy and education, the Drug Foundation said today.

Apr 30

Ross Bell: Let's face up to our drinking problem

30 Apr 2005

New Zealand has always prided itself on punching above its weight. Our sporting heroes succeed despite limited resources and the small population, our economy continues to surpass many other comparable nations, and New Zealanders are in dem

Media release
Feb 28

Drug Foundation launches alcohol action plan

28 Feb 2005

The New Zealand Drug Foundation today launched a comprehensive plan to reduce the harm that alcohol causes in New Zealand society.