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Q&A: How Moana House achieved 100% Covid vaccination

30 Sep 2021

With such low rates of vaccination among tangata whaiora, we asked Claire Aitken how Moana House managed to turn that around.


In pursuit of 90%, we must leave no one behind

28 Sep 2021

People using drugs are at greater risk from Covid-19, and they are the least-vaccinated. We need to reach them through the organisations they trust.


Overdose prevention: A walk in the park?

2 Sep 2021

Free naloxone kits, fee training, oranges to practice on – and a barbecue lunch. That's how they do overdose prevention in British Columbia.


'Grossly underprepared' - NZ's naloxone mess

30 Aug 2021

So far, NZ has escaped the kind of opioid crisis that has claimed thousands of lives overseas. But should that change, we are “grossly underprepared”.


D-Day approaches for new medicinal cannabis scheme

25 Aug 2021

The number of products are set to be slashed and prices are expected to spike when a transitional medicinal cannabis scheme expires in October.


Ketamine - what you need to know

22 Jul 2021

High Alert reports a large increase in the availability of ketamine nationwide. Ruth Nichol takes a look at the drug known as Special K, K and ket.


World-leading legislation could ensure harm reduction for all NZers

20 Jul 2021

The Drug Foundation recently made a submission to parliament which strongly supported the Drug and Substance Checking Legislation Bill, while calling for a number of changes.


Nangs - what you need to know

18 Jun 2021

Ruth Nicol explains the ins and outs of a drug that stirs up controversy despite it's relatively low potential for harm.


Johann Hari on his film about Billie Holiday and the war on drugs

16 Apr 2021

On the eve of the NZ release of The US vs Billie Holiday, Russell Brown talks to Johann Hari about the movie, compassionate drug policy & what's next.


Turning away from the 'war on drugs'

25 Mar 2021

Recently Oregon became the first US state to decriminalise all drug use, the latest of many changes there and around the world.


Why discretion missed the mark

23 Mar 2021

Don Rowe explains why police discretion is no substitute for decriminalisation, and raises the hope that genuine reform could be back on the table.


Tis the Season

21 Dec 2020

...to be kind to yourself. As you head into the holiday break It’s ok to think honestly about your alcohol and other drug use.